Sir John Gay Newton Alleyne is credited with inventing the "I" beam. He did this by joining two T beams together making a very strong beam capable of supporting loads over a much wider span. The I Beam is an integral part of almost every Building and industrial construction built today.

Cdr. Victor Percy Alleyne RN RCN, was awarded the OBE for his contribution to convoy formation across the Atlantic during WW-2. as part of his award he also had an island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada named for him.

Edward Wentworth Holder Alleyne died in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in1897 while attempting to join an expedition to the Klondike. He contracted pneumonia while waiting for a train in Winnipeg. Edward was buried in the Edmonton Cemetery

The Alleyne family of Barbados are connected to Princess Margaret. Serena Alleyne Stanhope, who is descended from Thomas Harbin Alleyne's Sister, Dorothy Deborah Forster Alleyne (1788-1843) married David Armstrong Jones, Princess Margarets son.

On the night that Henry Alleyne was lost at sea, the household staff at Porters Great House, where he lived, heard him racing up the long driveway to the house, in his horse drawn carriage, but he never arrived at the door. It was weeks later that news of his death reached the island

Charles Bruce Knight Alleyne travelled from England to Montreal in 1857 to be married but died before the wedding took place and is buried there.

Frederick Milton Stanley Alleyne, son of Rev. Innis Milton Alleyne, died in 1931 as a result of being gassed in France in 1917 during the Great War, while fighting with the US Army.

Sir John Gay Alleyne, While Speaker of the House of Assembly of Barbados, petitioned the king, George III, to reject a new tax on the people of Barbados by then Governor Cunningham. The proposed tax was rejected.

Alleyne Fitzherbert (Lord St. Helens), the grandson of Judith Alleyne (1703 - ), had Mount St. Helens, in Washington, named after him by his friend Capt. George Vancouver.

Abel and Anna Alleyne, parents of Thomas Harbin Alleyne were acquaintances of President John Adams and Abigail his wife and periodically visited them for tea. Abigail  wanted very much to buy the Alleyne home which had once been owned by the Quincy family. Unfortunately she was never able to purchase the house, and called it her castle in the sky. See "The Alleyne Barbados-Quincy Connection"